Which dress suits skinny girls?

What did the children's fashion designers at the Swedish clothing company H&M have in mind? Swedish mothers are outraged that the children's clothing offered on the Group's website, among other things, deliberately sexualises girls. It's summer and 36-year-old Åsa Enquist wanted to buy shorts from H&M for her nine-year-old daughter.

That turned out to be difficult. There were around 30 different shorts for girls on the Group's website. But they were all very short and cut extremely tight. “Not a single one of the couples was at least halfway up their thighs. Then I looked in the boys department and almost all the shorts were really long, ”she complained to Facebook. “When my daughter bends over in the girls' shorts, you can see half of her bottom. And when she lifts her leg, half her buttock comes out, ”she criticizes.

As a result, numerous parents agreed with her, and the state media took up the issue. A storm of criticism broke out. “What is the difference between a nine year old girl and a nine year old boy? They play just as much, ”criticized Enqvist in the newspaper“ Expressen ”. “I don't think parents want children to be gendered that way. Children should exercise and play a lot and wear clothes that go with them, ”she says. Other mothers also responded to the criticism.

37-year-old Lina Svensson wanted to buy jeans from H&M for her eight-year-old daughter. But in the children's section for girls there were only two fits. One is called “slimfit” (slim fit) and the other is even called “skinnyfit” (slim fit). "Why is there a term like skinnyfit for children's clothing?", The mother criticized in relation to "Expressen". The way society is now, with anorexic body ideals for women, it is unnecessary for H&M to consolidate such unhealthy thoughts in children, she says. "I can already see that my eight-year-old is starting to worry about her weight," she says. “That's bad. Children's clothes should be comfortable. Even if some children are very thin, there must be clothes for all types of children, ”she says.

In the meantime, H&M has responded to the criticism and praised improvement. In a written communication from the corporate headquarters in Stockholm, it is said: “It is important for us that our children's collections are fashionable and also practical. When we create new children's clothes, we want to offer a wide range of sizes and styles that suit children's daily activities - for both boys and girls. We strive not to sell children's clothes that could be perceived as offensive, ”it says.