Why did India turn to the ICAO

Russia tightens pilot controls

The more stringent certification rules for flight schools and pilots came after the Rosaviatsiya aviation authority, as part of an accident investigation into a crash in Kazan in November 2013 at Tartastan Airlines with 50 dead, determined that the captain of the accident, who failed a go-around, had not completed his basic flying training. Since then, the authority has revoked numerous licenses from private flight schools and training centers for professional pilot training, which also invalidates the pilot's documents issued there.

At the beginning of May 400 affected Russian pilots asked the UN civil aviation organization ICAO to intervene and complained that if this policy were continued, a quarter of all Russian pilots would soon be dismissed. There is no case-by-case review, only a general revocation. According to Rosaviatsiya, she would like to only allow private training centers for the training of private pilots in the future and generally train professional pilots at state flight schools. So far, Rosaviatsiya has also approved private flight schools in Russia according to ICAO rules. In the petition, the pilots demand the return of their revoked licenses.

In the meantime, Rosaviatsiya has announced stricter requirements for the aeronautical training of aviation personnel in slow flight and in special flight conditions. The new training content was developed in cooperation with the TsAGI fluid flow institute and aircraft manufacturers.