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The contact persons for the activities within the Erasmus + program are:

Dr. Ulrich Schulte-Wieschen, Mrs. Beckmann and Mr. Grave (by arrangement).

As part of the Erasmus + program, the CGL is involved in a project with the following schools:

  • Alatri (Italy)
  • Koknese (Latvia)
  • Kalamata (Greece)
  • Vila-real (Spain)

In times like these ... *: The situation at our partner schools in view of the corona pandemic

(* ... the CGL stays in contact, cares about its international partners and supports the schools associated with it in Europe and beyond.)

In times like these, when public, professional and private life is subject to unprecedented restrictions and the contacts and relationships of our Copernicus Gymnasium are directly affected by the cancellation / postponement of the exchange trips and the school community trip, it is worth taking a direct and authentic look at the situation of the individual parts.

In response to an email request to the Erasmus + partners in the field of the student project “United In Diversity”, to Pierluigi Firorentini as long-term Erasmus coordinator in Alatri, Italy, and to the Collège in Verneuil l'Etang as the second exchange partner in France, these schools have so far responded, wrote a short description of the location, given your authorization for publication and sent pictures:


This picture of a learning corner from the school in Thessaloniki, which is now orphaned and waiting for new life, is intended to represent the schools that are closed everywhere.

Here, the students from our school Ida Kirchner and Bea Tepe as well as Nathan Dubos from the Collège Louis Bouilhet reported their experiences about the contact ban and the school closure.

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As part of the Erasmus + project, we welcomed students from Italy, Greece, Spain and Latvia to our school for a week. Here, the students get the chance to travel to other European countries and get to know the local culture in the form of project work and excursions. These projects are financially supported by the EU. The two-year project cycle started in Löningen. This year, under the motto "United in Diversity: Migration", different focuses in four previously selected projects - baking, music, art and theater - were dealt with at the CGL. We then worked out these in international mixed groups under the guidance of Ms. Steinkamp, ​​Ms. Baalmann, Ms. Kannwischer and Mr. Hespe. In this picture the participants of the music project.


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Erasmus + training for school staff

As part of the Erasmus + project at the CGL, Ms. Fein took part as a school secretary in an English course in St. Julian (Paceville) on Malta. Classes took place in the "eti" training center, which offers advanced training courses in English at every level. On the one hand, she had lessons in a group of 6 people. B. Airport, jobs, country-specific and current affairs spoke, but also the English grammar was refreshed again.

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Erasmus + - new project and new team

The good news came during the summer holidays: The Copernicus-Gymnasium can continue the successful project work with four European partner schools over the next two years, the extensive application process coordinated this year by the Italian school “Istituto Magistrale Statale Luigi Pietrobono” in Alatri , has been successfully completed, the funds requested for the five project meetings and the respective preparation and follow-up work will shortly be transferred to the accounts of the schools involved. In addition to the long-standing partner school from Italy, the "Ilmara Gaisa Kokneses Vidusskola" from Latvia is also involved in the SELENE (Service Learning Network in Europe) project. New additions are "40 Geniko Lykeio Kalamatas" from Kalamata / Greece and the Spanish "I.E.S. FRANCESC Tarrega" in Vila-real. The teachers responsible for the Erasmus + project, which has been running at the CGL for many years, are also new: Anja Beckmann and Jan Grave have taken over the office of Mareike Sum as a team, who has moved to the Antonianum in Vechta. Together with the headmaster of the Copernicus-Gymnasium, Mr. Ralf Göken and the Erasmus representative for teacher training, Dr. Ulrich Schulte-Wieschen, we are all looking forward to an enriching and successful project work with the established and the new partner schools from Northern and Southern Europe.
(Photo from left to right: Ralf Göken, Dr. Ulrich Schulte-Wieschen, Anja Beckmann, Jan Grave / Photo: Ingrid Koslik)

Erasmus + project days in Kinna (Sweden)

As part of the Erasmus + project of our school, some students from the CGL drove to the participating partner school in Kinna, Sweden, to work with participants from various European countries on an art / music project on the subject of nature. Here is the report from Hannah Sophia Rameil:

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Festive wind performance in the town hall of Osnabrück

A wind quintet from our school with Robin Quint, Thomas Klotz, Hannah Sophia Rameil, Greta Höffer and Ole Wichert under the direction of Philipp Hemmen provided the festive musical framework for the certificate handover for the European schools in the Friedenssaal in Osnabrück. Over 40 schools from the Weser-Ems region were recognized as European schools. Our five musicians earned huge applause with the pieces Eye of the Tiger and Final Countdown.

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