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How to find a horoscope by date of birth. Numerological horoscope for day, month and year.

Astro service "Free horoscope by date of birth with decryption"

Developed to create a personal natal chart directly on the Internet and is an astrological program with which you can put together your individual natal chart with details as well as some special horoscopes, predictions, calendars free of charge who has no knowledge of astrology and knows little about it. The "Astrology-online" web service calculates personal horoscopes and individual astrological predictions, taking into account the time and place of birth. The user enters their data and receives a picture and a decoding of their individual natal chart, an astrological forecast for the next two days and a number of other services (monthly astrological forecast, long-term astrological forecast, personality horoscope, love horoscope, wedding calendar, conception calendar, professional horoscope), Talent horoscope, business horoscope, astrological mobile application for iOS, astrological mobile application for Android).

For a small fee you can also get a decryption of the birth certificate in an astrological service on the website or order your individual one on this website. You can use the online service to calculate the most suitable accommodation for you "Horoscope of Displacement (Astro World)". You can also use your astrological ministries to build your own or to determine which profession would suit you best and in which area of ​​life you have the most talents and skills. In addition, you can consult a professional astrologer on site on a topic of interest to you. For a sample natal chart interpretation consultation, see this link - This is a personal astrological chart of a person's birth, made on a specific date, time and geographic location of their birth. The natal chart is much more commonly referred to as a person's natal chart (in fact, these are synonyms).

Decoding of signs in the horoscope

If you are not very familiar with astrology. Before creating and deciphering the birth certificate, it is advisable to read a brief decipherment of the symbols in the birth certificate.

In the outer circle of the natal chart are distributed according to, the names of which are as follows:

The inner and outer circles of the natal chart are divided into two areas, each of which is responsible for a certain area of ​​a person's life (personality, material wealth, closest contacts, family, love, etc.). The beginning of the first house coincides with the ascendant of the natal chart As (the opposite point is Ds, descendant). Another important point on the map is MC Mid-Sky (the opposite point is Ic). The As-Ds and Mc-Ic lines represent the main energy axes of the natal chart, are the beginning of the most important houses (1-person, 4-family, 7-marriage, 10-careers) and are very in their interpretation important.

Within the circle of houses there are symbols of the stars (sun, moon) and the planets of the birth certificate. The position of each planet is indicated by special markings in the inner circle of the birth map. The following table shows the names of the planets on the birth map:

You can go to these services to work with your natal chart and create various astrological prediction cards.

Single horoscope with decoding

In order to receive a picture and a text decoding of your individual natal chart, you have to enter the dates of birth and click on the button "natal chart". To get an astrological forecast for the next two days, click on "Forecast for the day". To work with other services, click the "All Services" button. Then you can get a month astrological prediction, long-term astrological prediction, personality horoscope, love horoscope, wedding calendar, conception calendar, professional horoscope, talent horoscope, business horoscope and astrological mobile application for iOS, astrological mobile application for Android.

If you have created an astro forecast (long-term forecast, monthly forecast) or an astrological calendar (conception calendar, wedding calendar), you can then compile it several times for any period of time free of charge by clicking the link to the forecast or to the astro calendar in an Internet browser to save. This is already your personal prediction that is always at hand.

Here you can create and get the most accurate horoscope for free online and without registration on the website. The website offers many free horoscopes with exact dates of birth - a common horoscope of love, tolerance, an annual horoscope, an exact horoscope of marriage and the determination of the time of marriage. Everything is collected here the most accurate horoscopesbecause all horoscope texts are copyrighted and written by a professional astrologer. In horoscopes, the most important and important are highlighted.

The most accurate horoscope for free online and without registration on the website:

1. You can calculate the most accurate general horoscope, which is available free of charge and without registration on the website, and put it online using the following link:

The most accurate free horoscope online and without registration on the website is to find out what love means for a person, whether he knows how to love - Venus in zodiac signs:

The most accurate free online horoscope without registration on the site is to find out what the person's mind is aiming at and how it thinks - Mercury in the signs of the zodiac:

The most accurate horoscope for free online and without registration on the site - what is the happiness of the person - Jupiter in the signs of the zodiac:

In order to get the most accurate horoscope possible, you must of course order a horoscope from an astrologer by date of birth, place of birth and the exact time of birth. This means that the astrologer himself dismantled your birth certificate based on your exact birth dates. You can order an individual exact horoscope by date of birth in this section of the website:.

Now let's see is an absolutely accurate horoscope possible, a 100% prediction, and how accurate can a horoscope in general be? Described in horoscopes may seem more or less to you. It depends on your spiritual level, i.e. how you worked out your weaknesses and how you developed your strengths in the past. This is because a person's horoscope (natal chart) remains unchanged from birth to death, but changes over the course of life. As part of his destiny, a man still has his own will, and how to deal with his potential largely depends on him. A horoscope can be 100% accurate for people who are in a state of flux and are not trying to change anything in themselves or in their lives. When a person changes, the difficulties become easier and the opportunities increase.

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These people are always excellent, full of determination and creativity. Your personal qualities are of the highest quality. But they have great difficulty communicating with other people. The people around have to show understanding for them, tact. Your health weaknesses are heart, eyes, blood pressure.

Free horoscope by date of birth

  1. People born on the 1st of the day are very creative and inventive in any business. People around should be careful when they are born on the 1st as they often suffer from loneliness. You should watch your eyes and your cardiovascular system.
  2. Date of birth and horoscope name for people born on the 2nd: These people are creative people. Many of them choose the profession of musician, artist or painting teacher. In terms of health, you should take care of the digestive system.
  3. Aggressive and power hungry people are born with 3 numbers. Joints often fail you and skin diseases develop.
  4. Those born on 4 numbers are always very pessimistic, but smart and smart. Horoscope of compatibility by date of birth: gets along well with people born on the 19th.
  5. Medium, prudent and thrifty people. They love, value, and value money. Very nervous, often deeply depressed.
  6. People born 6th are very sexy and attractive. They may not be pretty at all, but they still attract people.
  7. Strong-willed and independent people are born on the 7th.
  8. Free horoscope by date of birth for people born on the 8th: people of strong character who are very stubborn.
  9. Shy, humble people who, deep down, dream of being strong and liberated.
  10. Birth horoscope for those born on the 10th: ambitious people with developed leadership skills.
  11. Unpredictable, quick-tempered and very dedicated people. The compatibility chart by date of birth looks like this: A good connection is established with people who were born on the 2nd.
  12. Brave, brave people who are a little indecisive in their hearts.
  13. They are very powerful, authoritative people, they love to be around people, they know how to lead well.
  14. Money "goes" well to these people. They are always successful in business; every business they think up brings them profit.
  15. Horoscope 2013 by date of birth for those born on the 15th: very stingy and very money-loving. For them, prosperity comes first, close people - second.
  16. Lovely people both outside and in the shower. Very gentle and romantic natures.
  17. These people have amazing logical thinking. In general, these are smart people reaching for knowledge.
  18. Very loyal and loyal people. You have artistic skills.
  19. Confident and original people. You don't like to be under the direction of anyone.
  20. Horoscope 2013 by date of birth for those born on the 20th: subtle romantic natures. They are very sensitive to their religion.
  21. These are dreamers and romantics as well as strong personalities with leadership qualities “in a bottle”.
  22. Gentle and touching people, often jealous. They are very loyal and ask the same of a partner.
  23. Delicate and conceited people. They like to stand up and defeat someone who is weaker.
  24. Pessimistic, serious people. It is difficult to make friends, but to be loyal to them for a lifetime.
  25. Changeable and unpredictable people like to shock and surprise.
  26. Horoscope by date of birth and name for those born on the 26th: mobile, active people. Do not tolerate laziness and laziness.
  27. A very good birth date horoscope sign for people born on the 27th. They are very friendly and welcoming. You have many friends and connections all over the world.
  28. People interested in communication have a good sense of humor.
  29. Calm and strong people, very brave and determined.
  30. Smart, conspicuous, power-hungry people.
  31. Birth horoscope for those born on the 31st: very economical and practical people. Nothing is wasted by them for free, nothing is bought unnecessarily.