How dangerous is motorcycling?

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And riding a motorcycle is dangerous

I like to ride a motorcycle. And I also ride my motorcycle a lot. Somehow it's also indispensable if I run a motorcycle blog, no matter how small.

And I make no secret of the fact that I ride my motorcycle a lot. Neither among friends, families, nor colleagues. And then I keep hearing: "... what, you ride a motorcycle? But isn't that dangerous / too cold / too warm? "(Depending on the situation.)

Too dangerous?

And then I always try to explain that riding a motorcycle is actually not that dangerous, that little happens overall, that these accidents are often situations in which, in addition to the external circumstances, there is a portion of bad luck. But if everyone is careful, nothing can happen. As I said, if everyone is a little careful.

And then an accident happens as you can see in the picture above.

Why do motorcycle accidents happen

A “normal” accident usually happens due to inattentiveness, incorrect assessment of a situation or something similar. But somehow I have the feeling that there is often another factor in motorcycle accidents.

It may be that in accident reports there is something about “speed not adapted to the special conditions”, but I personally get it better with “switching off my brain”. Of course, I cannot substantiate this with statistics, but I have the impression that in motorcycle accidents it is quite often the case that the motorcyclist is not only the cause of the accident, but also caused an accident through his own behavior with gross negligence.

It happens again and again that I see other motorcyclists who I then think for myself that they simply don't have all the cups in the cupboard the way they drive.

The present accident

If you look at the picture above, you will be able to guess one of these motorcyclists.
Perhaps about the facts: The motorcyclist drives in town. He overtook two cars that were already traveling at 50 km / h, notices too late that he could no longer make the 90 ° curve that followed and noticed much too late that there was a construction site in the curve (with a little dirt in the street). He could have noticed, there were enough signs around. Result: a fall, sliding on the floor, injuries.
A little thought while driving might have been appropriate. It really doesn't have to be that blindly from the rush of speed in the city he overtakes other vehicles and then provokes an accident.

Sure, there was no third-party damage in this case. But that's not because he was paying special attention, just because of sheer luck.
And then there is the matter of your own damage. When I get on my motorcycle, I wear proper safety clothing. There are no compromises with me.

But of course there are also motorcyclists, of course nothing will ever happen to them, who are never involved in an accident, cannot happen to them at all. These are exactly the people who only climb their machine with a helmet and wear safety chucks and a safety fleece jacket. The fact that this combination is only suboptimal in the event of an accident and the consequences of the accident pass unfiltered onto the body, so that in this case the bare skin is slipped around on the asphalt instead of leather, is perhaps a natural consequence and only too fitting.

And what does that mean for me?

I then stand there and explain to someone in my family, for example, that riding a motorcycle is actually not that problematic, that it is actually unnecessary to explain such things to me, that it is almost annoying to have to look after my loved one every time Having to justify a hobby.

And then there are accidents with sometimes severe and very serious consequences (here: seriously injured), caused by my own misconduct, and then I can just start over with my relatives. No, it's actually not dangerous, no, of course I take care ...

And then I ask myself: Am I actually the only one who has to apologize for being a motorcyclist?