What different ways can I masturbate?

Never home alone? So you can still masturbate undisturbed

Hand on heart, everyone likes to take some time for themselves, even sexually. But the social distancing rules in particular have thwarted masturbation in your own four walls - for example, because your roommate, partner or even parents are always at home. But don't worry, with a few tips and tricks you can still treat yourself to the well-deserved and pleasurable solo time without unwanted disturbances.

Under the shower

For example, it gets wet in the shower or in the bathtub. Lock the door, turn on the tap and off you go. This has two advantages: firstly, nobody should be suspicious of this, and secondly, the running water under the shower ensures that any noises that you make in ecstasy are drowned out. So masturbating in the bathroom is the perfect way to let go.

Incidentally, there are also various options here. Of course, you can lend a hand in the traditional way or create a tingly atmosphere with waterproof sex toys. Many women also swear by the shower jet as a helper for an intense orgasm.

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Sex toys without sound

Speaking of sex toys. Sure, with the vibrator, delightful hours are programmed in the truest sense of the word. But making love with him is not a quiet one. Of course, masturbation is completely normal and should be lived out as the mood takes you. But it could also happen that many women cannot switch off and let go of their thoughts if the vibrator is buzzing loudly and the roommate in the room next door is sitting on his laptop.

So if you are concerned about the background noise, but at the same time do not want to do without certain aids, try it out with silent sex toys. For example with classic dildos, which are now available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There is sure to be something suitable.

To be spontaneous

Spontaneity is sometimes the be-all and end-all when it comes to masturbation. In current times, that means simply using the right moment for an unplanned adventure. For example, if your partner has to take a business call that takes their full attention. While he's busy with his job in the living room, you can treat yourself to undisturbed solo time in the bedroom. Or just send your roommate to go shopping alone, so that you have the apartment all to yourself and your desires.

Different position

If you also like to masturbate in the classic way while lying on your back and spreading your legs, a change of position could benefit you. For a special reason: if you lie on your stomach and put a small sex toy under you, noises will be muffled. Also, keep your TV on and you definitely don't have to worry about being heard.

Nightly session

It is actually bedtime, but you are anything but tired? Then take exactly what you crave. If you don't want to attract attention with masturbation, lending a hand when everyone else in the house is sleeping is a great way to do it. And maybe that could even be an extra irritant for you. For many women it is a turn-on to satisfy themselves when their partner is also in bed and could wake up from moaning at any second. In short, don't be unsettled, get creative and allow yourself the time with yourself when you need it.

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