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Highest award 10th Dan Taekwondo for the martial arts pioneer Jakob Beck!

Burgau: Triple gym | At the first major Budo course in Burgau in 2015, the highest DAN holders in the Budo Center Europe organization were honored and rewarded with an upgrade.

The highest award, 10th Dan Taekwon-Do, went to the founder and president of the Budo-Center Europe Grand Master Jakob Beck. For him it was not just a DAN award, but rather a recognition, appreciation and bowing of the association to his great life achievement. Grandmaster Jakob Beck gained his first judo experience in the 1940s and 1950s. In the 1960s he began TKD training in the renowned martial arts school of Carl Wiedmeier under the well-known Korean grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa. He passed all brown and black belt exams up to and including the 3rd DAN under the personal guidance of General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of the TKD himself.
The pioneer of martial arts was not only satisfied with Taekwon-Do, he also developed his own Budo style (Allkampf-Jitsu), the all-combat system as a new form of self-defense. A system that has been used in police training for a long time. In 1968 he founded the Budo Center Europe. And still today - at the age of 84 - he heads the organization independently, competently and with a lot of heart as always.

Uwe Gütler said in his appreciation speech: "I can speak for many of those present here when I say that our lives would have been different if you and the Budo-Center Europe hadn't existed. Martial arts have a very strong influence - and far beyond the mere training. Without you we would not be here in any case ".

At this point, congratulations on the 10th DAN Taekwon-Do, dear Mr. Jakob Beck, from your association - represented by all high-ranking DAN carriers who have signed your certificate.

We congratulate and bow to you and your life's work!

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The 9th Dan in Taekwon-Do got “veteran” and “man of the first hour” in the Budo-Center Europe Gerhard Pflegehart. He heads several martial arts schools in Oberallgäu. He has been active since 1973, making him one of Jakob Beck's early students.

The 8th Dan in Allkampf-Jitsu was given to the "Wandering Budo Lexicon" Norbert Pelzl from Graz. As a high-ranking officer in the Austrian Army, he played a key role in shaping and promoting martial arts training. He is also a trainer of special units at home and abroad.

The director of the Martial Arts School Balzheim Max Kanz received the 8th DAN Taekwon-Do. He is a man with decades of experience, active since 1972. Above all, he is the most successful TKD trainer in the Budo Center Europe. He and his school have won the club championship no less than 6 times at the annual championship in traditional Taekwon-Do. That is of course a record. Without him, the past championships would have been much poorer.

Thinker and guide in the background Roland Tögel was honored with the 8th DAN Taekwon-Do. The head of the martial arts school in Bobingen has been practicing martial arts since 1973. Today Roland Tögel is one of the main pillars of the BCE - whether active as an examiner, referee or course instructor.

Kocaman N. (Ali), head of the martial arts schools TSV Rain, KSS Nördlingen and KSS Meitingen, received the 8th DAN Taekwon-Do. He started martial arts back in 1974. Ali is one of the most versatile, who also looked outside the box and integrated influences from other Budo sports into his training. More than 30 years ago, many performances were held together, with Ali's interludes usually being the highlight. http: // ...

The head of the martial arts school in Bad Wiessee, Rudi Thim, received the 8th DAN Taekwon-Do. Rudi started doing TKD sports back in 1975. He is an old companion of our unforgettable Heini Duldinger and today with his school he is a fixture in the Bavarian Oberland.

The Vice-President of the DAU German Allkampf Union Fitz Kinzel was honored with the 7th DAN Allkampf. He is the head of the Agawang and Dinkelscherben schools. The versatile self-defense expert is also the initiator and pioneer of the all-combat-fight system. He is also the chief instructor at the Koenigsbrunn Police School.

Adalbert Wagner, head of the martial arts school in Miesbach received the 7th DAN Allkampf. Today he is 1st Chairman of the Bavarian State Association of the International TKD Federation. In all combat, however, he remained loyal to the Budo Center Europe.

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