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Secret revealed? So the FIA ​​punished Ferrari for "fraud" in 2019

(Motorsport-Total.com) - Almost exactly a year ago, a secret deal between the FIA ​​and Ferrari caused a sensation in the Formula 1 world. After the Scuderia had previously been accused of cheating with the engine in the 2019 season, the world association announced on February 28, 2020 that a corresponding investigation had been completed.

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However, the press release did not explain whether or how Ferrari cheated in 2019, nor was there an official penalty for the Scuderia. A deal was merely announced between the two parties, which, however, left many questions unanswered that have not yet been fully answered.

Now FIA Commissioner Mika Salo may have gossiped. In a Twitch livestream with rally driver Kristian Sohlberg, the Finn revealed that Ferrari had to use less petrol in the 2020 season. That was a punishment for the "fraud" of the Scuderia in 2019.

Salo is actually talking about the Alfa Romeo customer team at the point of the interview and says literally: "You suffered from Ferrari's fraud last year and had to use less gasoline. I think the car is pretty much now that you can get back to full power Well."

Ferrari back to full power in 2021?

A statement that makes you sit up and take notice, because Salo reveals two things. First: The Ferrari weakness in the 2020 season was not only due to the fact that the Italians had to stop their trickery. The engines were also throttled because you had to use less gasoline.

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Second: The penalty only related to the 2020 season. Of course, Ferrari will still have to do without his tricks in 2021. But you can at least use the normal amount of petrol again. That should lead to Ferrari - and the two customer teams - taking another leap forward.

Last season, the Ferrari engine was considered the weakest in the field. The Scuderia itself ended the season in sixth place in the World Cup and thus experienced its worst season since 1980. The two customer teams Alfa Romeo and Haas ended up in the disappointing eighth and ninth place in the World Cup.

Ferrari never officially found guilty

In the 2019 season, Ferrari still had the most powerful power unit, which is why there were various theories about how the Italians could have gained an (illegal) advantage in this area. Ferrari was never officially found guilty, which team boss Mattia Binotto emphasized again and again.

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If Salo's assertion is correct, it seems like an admission of guilt. After all, why should Maranello have volunteered to use less petrol in 2020 if everything had gone clean beforehand? Incidentally, Jean Todt already revealed last year that he would have liked to make the secret deal public.

The FIA ​​president stated at the time that Ferrari was blocking publication. It would not be the first time that Mika Salo publicly divulged internal FIA information. The Finn has already been criticized in the past for passing on insider knowledge to a TV colleague.