What freedom means is not free

What is freedom What does it mean to be really free?

What is freedom

Every human being has a natural tendency to want to be free. Freedom is not a luxury but a necessity. Not only people, animals too long for freedom.

Babies want freedom. If you put a scarf around a baby's neck, they'll want to get rid of them. If you put a chain around his neck, the baby will want to pull it down. It is adults who want to wear jewelry around their necks, children prefer freedom, they do not want any restrictions. Because of this, they move their hands up and down and are free!
The desire for freedom is innate in humans and animals. Every living being wants freedom. Exemption or Moksha is nothing but freedom.

Freedom is a natural desire in everyone, but when the mind is preoccupied with unnecessary, everyday things, it forgets that it longs for freedom. It's like someone who wants to sleep has forgotten how to sleep.

What does it mean to be free?

Freedom does not mean running away from situations and circumstances. If a situation is sometimes uncomfortable or overwhelming and we run away from it, we think that it is freedom. However, this is not the case. Freedom means:

  • Not to be affected by circumstances, situations and people in your own environment
  • Be free from your own emotional garbage
  • Be free from the jungle of your own disturbing thoughts
  • Be free from the entanglements in your own head
  • Be free from fear and worry

To be free from everything that oppresses you and makes you small is freedom.

How can I move towards freedom?

  • Let go of desires and dislikes!
    Accept it or not, whether you look or not, life is about letting go. It started the moment you were born. You left the womb and entered this world. As soon as you got here, you began to inhale and exhale, ingesting food and excreting it again. It's a constant exchange. You can't hold onto anything here.
    As a child, you held onto many toys only to let go of them as you grew. Are you still holding on to your little toys and bells? No! As you get older, you let go of a lot of things on their own. Likewise, you can let go of desires and dislikes. Feeling free from all of the desires and dislikes is freedom.
  • Meditate
    Meditation is nourishment for the soul, it nourishes the center of your existence. It keeps you physically fit and healthy as well as mentally focused. On the intellectual level, it ensures sharpness, clear attention, awareness and good powers of observation. On the emotional level, you feel lighter, softer, and purer, and it allows you to let go of things in the past. It creates positive vibrations around you and thereby influences your behavior towards others and their behavior towards you. There is nothing like meditation to bring calm to the mind!
  • Reduce your wishes!
    If you want freedom, you should have as few desires as possible. If you have too many wishes, there will be more and more.
    What should you do when the desires arise in you? You can't always want more things. This is where wisdom comes to your aid. See life in the bigger picture.
  • Develop a sense of satisfaction!
    If the mind is not stuck in desires for respect, money or position and if it grows beyond these things, then you can speak of freedom. Then you are free.
    When it comes to that you are fulfilled and ready to let go of everything before you leave the body, then you experience infinite freedom.
    You don't even have to let go of things on the physical plane, it may not always be possible. But if you let go of everything at least in the spirit, you will notice that the freedom is enormous. Infinite satisfaction and connectedness with everything will result from it.
  • Have confidence!
    Something very important is trust that only the right thing will happen. There is a great power in the universe that has sustained this universe for billions of years. Trust this power. She will take care.

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