Are diapers harmful

The French magazine "60 millions de consommateurs" carried out a study and found that many diaper brands contain toxic substances, even in products labeled as environmentally friendly.

Residues of the presumably or demonstrably toxic substances were found in most diaper brands, the magazine wrote on Tuesday on its website. This is a worrying fact, according to "60 millions de consommateurs".

Ten out of twelve are poisonous

Of twelve tested diapers, including those with the label “environmentally friendly”, residues of at least one harmful substance could be detected in ten brands, according to the study. Including a kind of neurotoxin such as toluene or styrene. These were found in nine of the twelve products tested.

The study emphasizes that the proven values ​​are below the permitted limit value, but these limit values ​​would only apply in the case of inhalation. It is not known exactly what effects these amounts of substances have in direct skin contact.

Detected pesticides

According to the study, the toxins may get into the diapers through the chemical treatment of the manufacturing material.

In the case of the “Carrefour” brand, which bears the “Eco Planet” label, traces of the herbicide glyphosate have even been detected. This herbicide is considered to be carcinogenic.

Two types of pesticides have also been detected for the Pampers “Baby Dry” brand, which are also classified as possibly carcinogenic. In addition, dioxins and similar toxins were found in these diapers. They can affect the hormonal system of the toddler, according to the analysis of "60 millions de consommateurs".

Pampers denied

According to the magazine, on request, Pampers denied that such substances were in their products.

The magazine reports that only two of the twelve brands tested were not found to have any toxic substances. These brands include a product sold by E.Leclerc and the “Love & Green” diapers.

The magazine also regrets that there are no regulations, as is the case with numerous cosmetic articles, which require all components and substances that are used to produce the diaper to be listed on the packaging.