Nigel Farage lied

Great Britain: Brexit party missed entry into British parliament

Strongest force in the European elections, but it was not enough for a place in the British Parliament. In a by-election, the Brexit party was defeated by Nigel Farage.

The Brexit party of the right-wing populist EU opponent Nigel Farage narrowly missed entry into the British Parliament in a by-election in the east of England. As the election results on Friday showed, the candidate of the party founded in February, Mike Greene, reached second place in the city of Peterborough with almost 29 percent of the vote. The election winner was Lisa Forbes from the opposition Labor Party with 31 percent, followed by the conservative Tories with 21 percent and the Liberal Democrats with twelve percent.

By-election due to criminal proceedings

The by-election in Peterborough had become necessary because the former Labor MP Fiona Onasanya had been ousted by the citizens in a hitherto unique process. The 35-year-old lawyer was sentenced to three months in jail in January for perversion of the law after lying on one case about driving too fast. She had stated that someone else was behind the wheel.

After the success of his party in the European elections at the end of May, Farage had shown confidence in the by-election in Peterborough. At a campaign rally over the weekend, he called the by-election an opportunity to write "the next chapter in this great story."

In the European elections, the Brexit party became the strongest force in the United Kingdom with just under 32 percent. In Peterborough, the party even came to 38 percent. Party leader Farage had hoped to benefit from the momentum of the European elections and the disappointment of voters about the Brexit policies of the established parties.

Prime Minister Theresa May resigns as Tory chair on Friday. The reason for her resignation is the months of resistance to her Brexit course.