Why does my husband like transsexual porn

My friend is into transsexuals

Don't panic!
Hello Jenny,

I can understand that you are not exactly delighted with your discovery. But I am relatively sure that your boyfriend is not - as you suspect - "into transsexuals".

He definitely has a tendency to live out his feminine side. He would like to feel, see and experience the "beautiful sides" of the female sex in himself as well ... in his eyes.

As you write yourself, you are completely OK in bed. So if he looks at the pages of the "cock girls", it's not because he would rather have something with such a "woman" instead of you. No, he longs to look so beautiful himself.

Something like that is completely normal, just extremely embarrassing for your friend. That is why he has not yet entrusted his "secret" to you. He is afraid of losing you because he always carries a guilty conscience with his inclination (due to our stubborn society). He knows that it is frowned upon as a man to also like to be "beautiful".

This is a disposition that you can deal with completely normally if you love him. First of all, it is very difficult to imagine such a thing. However, if you do not react in shock, you will see that your relationship becomes much more harmonious. Once he sees that he can "let himself down" with you without having to feel guilty, things will go better between you than you ever dreamed of.

You could say your boyfriend is jealous of the looks of real women. He'd like to look like that too. The transgender pages that he looks at serve him as "proof" that his wish can actually come true. He is currently in a phase in which he is satisfied by looking at these pages. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone stimulates their imagination somehow while masturbating. He just does it that way.

You can check my assumptions yourself by simply asking him whether he would put on female underwear and pantyhose "for you" or whether he would let you put on make-up.

At first he will be shy of you because he assumes that you don't know anything. Men are a bit inexperienced and believe that the girlfriend doesn't notice anything. But if he has allowed himself to be "persuaded" by you, the knot has already burst. This gives him the opportunity to come out to you and you can start talking openly about this topic. "Confronting him" doesn't do anything here because he doesn't dare to talk to you about it. But if you find the conversation in the suggested way, then you can also make it clear to him that you may not find it so great. You can then, for example, set up "rules" that he may pursue his inclination, but not always, or that he has your support, but without you being into it.

As a rule, he is overjoyed to have achieved a "partial success". He will not put his inclination in the foreground all the time, because his need can be completely "officially" satisfied.

And you will see that the more tolerantly you deal with his inclination, the more openly he is allowed to live it out, the less he concentrates on it. Since it is "allowed", he can come back to it from time to time and does not have to use every opportunity presented to him to secretly act out.

He does not deceive you with his secrecy, he is just ashamed.

Breaking up for this reason is therefore not the trend. If you can't cope with his inclination - which you won't know until you've tried it! - You can always part ways.

But right now it would not be the right time. Because he needs you.

It would be nice if you write me if you got along with my opinion.

Greetings, Claudia

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