How did your last car accident happen

Fatal accident with a truck, bike or car - Was it negligent manslaughter?


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  1. In my opinion, negligent manslaughter in a traffic accident usually only leads to an entry of two points in the FAER, as it is not a rule for the withdrawal of the driver's license according to Section 69 (2) StGB.

  2. How does it happen that if someone is injured in an accident it is bodily harm, but if he dies in the process it is negligent homicide?

    In terms of punishment, the KV with fatal consequences would be 3-10 years, instead of a fine - 5 years. And so, for example, fatal accidents after illegal street races are much more appropriate.

    • Hello Ludger,

      the penalty for negligent bodily harm and negligent homicide is set out in the Criminal Code (StGB).

      The editors of

  3. What can be expected if a driver who adhered to the speed limit was not distracted by a cell phone or the like and it can be proven that neither drugs nor alcohol in his blood had caused a fatal accident? It's a head-on collision, the driver came into the opposite lane for reasons that are not clear and collided with another car. The driver died at the scene of the accident, but it was proven that she was not buckled up and that with her seatbelt on she would probably have survived without permanent damage.
    The person who caused the accident would be seriously injured himself, but without permanent damage.
    What are the expected consequences in this case?

    • Hello Lara,

      unfortunately we are not allowed to offer you legal advice. If you want to know what the driver's penalty will be in such a case, you can contact a lawyer for more information.

      The team

  4. Hello,

    I had a serious accident with three fatalities during a driving lesson in the driving school.
    Due to the nervousness I wasn't focused enough and the driving instructor overwhelmed me.
    I drove past a primary school in a residential area and when I wanted to brake at the zebra crossing I accidentally went full throttle and killed 3 children who were crossing the street in a group.
    It was my first driving lesson, the car had an automatic transmission and I kind of messed up the gas and brakes.

    The driving instructor made a false testimony to the police to get out of it and blamed me.
    He says I went to the children's group with full intent.
    It would have happened so quickly that he couldn't have responded.
    The driving school also covers their driving instructor and speaks against me.

    What kind of consequences do I have to expect?
    Can I even go to jail as a learner driver?

  5. When someone dies in an accident and someone else is responsible.
    Is it always the case that he has to pay out money or get a prison sentence? Even if, in his opinion, it wasn't on purpose?

    • Hello Maren,

      In the event of a fatal accident, charges of negligent homicide can always follow (even if the vehicle driver was not at fault for causing the accident). How it is decided in individual cases and whether the accused is actually convicted remains an individual decision.

      The editors of

  6. Hello,

    In a trial for negligent homicide due to frenzy (youth penalty) I heard as a spectator that the penalty in principle (negligent homicide) is only 3 months driving ban and 680 € penalty.

    Is that correct, or where can you read it?

    Many Thanks!