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Self-Love: 4 Tips on How to Appreciate Yourself More

Self-love is the prerequisite for a full life. Those who love themselves do not have to rely on the affirmation of their fellow human beings. He is self-sufficient. Many people have a negative self-image and cannot love themselves. So they deny their own happiness. With a little practice, anyone can develop a love for themselves. We'll give you the best tips so that you can love yourself too.

Tip: Improve self-love with hypnosis & auto-suggestions

You already have the key to greater self-confidence and, as a result, more self-love within you. Autogenic training, guided meditations, and auto-suggestions help you focus on your strengths and skills.

Together with a licensed psychotherapist, we have developed a professional audio hypnotherapy that trains you in a robust self-confidence and can thus have a lasting positive influence on many aspects of your life.

Strengthening self-confidence - hypnotherapy

What self-love is

What self-love is

“Self-love is the beginning of a lifelong romance” - the famous author Oskar Wilde already knew that. Self-love is simply part of a healthy relationship with yourself. Those who love themselves can deal better with criticism, are more self-confident and confidently face new challenges. According to the well-known social psychologist Erich Fromm, self-love is even the basic requirement for being able to love someone else.

If you want to love yourself, you have to work on accepting yourself, because self-acceptance and self-love go hand in hand. This includes accepting every quality in yourself - the good as well as the bad. Hiding something about yourself from others doesn't exactly show self-love. Only when you accept your origins, your appearance and your character can you begin to love yourself.

In addition to self-acceptance, self-respect also plays a significant role. If you take your own needs and desires seriously and try to realize them, you take yourself seriously. That is part of self-love. When you take care of your well-being and health, you are doing yourself good and paving the way for self-love.

Self-love is important for many other qualities as well. Without self-love, one cannot develop self-esteem. Neither can self-confidence exist without self-love. Self-love is also beneficial for a healthy connection to the outside world, because you make yourself less vulnerable and less dependent on others. If you love yourself, you will appreciate life more and enjoy it a lot more.

Self-love - What self-love is not

The words self-love and self-love come from the same root and yet say something completely different. Those who love themselves accept themselves for who they are. He takes himself seriously, but does not flaunt himself - quite the opposite of people who are in love with themselves. They love the spotlight and are prone to arrogance. Narcissists - as they are also called - idealize themselves as a person and consider themselves perfect. They push their negative traits away and hope for confirmation from other people. A person who loves himself would not hope for that, because his self-acceptance is already sufficient for him as confirmation.

Narcissists, on the other hand, rely on external confirmation. However, you cannot give this confirmation to others yourself. You have problems appreciating other people and yourself. So self-love is just a mask that narcissists use to cover up their own insecurity. Erich Fromm confirms this: “It is true that selfish people are unable to love others; however, they are just as incapable of loving themselves. "

4 tips for more self-love

If you want to work on yourself and strengthen your self-love, you can quickly achieve success through simple exercises. It is important that you practice this regularly in order to maintain your newfound self-love. You can easily integrate most of the exercises into your everyday life. They only take a few minutes, but still lead to a good result. So if you only sacrifice a few minutes a day, nothing stands in the way of your self-love and the associated happy life.


With affirmations to more self-love

Affirmations are the most effective path to lasting self-love. Anyone who recites affirmations every day gains a positive self-image. The self-affirmative statements are known to be helpful when it comes to change. So if you want to change your attitude towards yourself, affirmations are the right option. In this way you can change your behavior and your emotional world by giving yourself confirmation with an affirmation and visualizing hopes for the future.

You can use affirmations anywhere. You can say it out loud or say it in your mind. They do well in the morning routine because you can start the day on a positive note with them. If you have less time in the morning, you can remind yourself of them in the car on the way to work. If you're more of the visual type, you can write them down and visualize them.

Affirmations work particularly well when you can look yourself in the eye while they are being spoken. That is why they are often recited in front of the mirror. There are several mirror exercises that can be combined with affirmations.

exercise: Stand in front of a mirror so that you can see yourself completely. Look at yourself and pay attention to your sensations and reactions. Where do you look first What do you avoid looking at? Take several minutes and try to look yourself in the eye. Are you avoiding your own gaze After about ten minutes, you can turn away from the mirror. Now you should take a piece of paper and write down everything you have felt in the last ten minutes. Do not try to evaluate or analyze your sensations. Be factual. Allow a few hours to pass before you reread your notes. What can you learn from it? How strong is your self love

If you still have to work on your self-love, you can stand in front of the mirror again. But instead of just looking at yourself, you say affirmations that strengthen your self-love. Try to look yourself in the eye. Don't give up too quickly. At first it probably feels strange. However, once you have overcome this point, you will feel good and notice the positive effects of the affirmations. We have put together some affirmations as examples for you:

  • I love myself for who I am.
  • I know that I am important.
  • I trust myself and my abilities more and more every day.
  • I am sufficient.
  • I know that I am unique.


Gratitude: Focus on the positive

Gratitude is an equally important tool when it comes to self-love. Those who show gratitude for themselves and their environment can better accept themselves and their situation. There are certainly many things to be thankful for. Even if you are not completely satisfied with yourself, you can still be grateful for all the good things that you have and that happen to you. You shouldn't necessarily interpret negative things as weaknesses. Negative events can open your eyes to the positive things in life and give you new experiences that can move you forward in the future. You can be grateful for that too.

Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive. Be aware of what is good in your life. There are sure to be many things that you like about yourself and your life. For example, you can be grateful for your health, your talents and certain character traits such as patience, helpfulness or calm. You can also be grateful for certain external features such as your bright eyes, your healthy hair or your narrow hands.

The best way to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. You can always slide in there when you are grateful for a cause. It's even better if you incorporate gratitude into your everyday life and write down three things every evening that you feel grateful for. That can be the smallest everyday occurrence. If you're happy about a nice gesture, write it down in your journal. Did the sunny weather put a smile on your face that day? Then record this moment in your journal. If you write these little moments in your diary every evening that sweeten your everyday life, you bring all the good things about yourself and your life to mind. You will find that there are many positive things that you can love about yourself.


Creativity can also pave the way to more self-love, because creativity always means revealing a piece of yourself. Those who are creative are concerned with themselves - listen to their insides. This can help you to be clear about your wants and needs. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to realize yourself with the help of creativity. For example, if you play an instrument that you really enjoy, it will help you to find yourself because you are concerned with the things that make you stand out. You go after your needs. This is essential if you want to love yourself. If, on the other hand, you keep putting off your wishes, it can disrupt your relationship with yourself. For example, if you've been planning an overseas trip for a long time or if you want to write your own book, you should start right away instead of postponing it again and again. As you go about your business, you will feel proud of yourself and develop a more positive relationship with yourself.

Time out

Give yourself time off

Time off is also important in learning to love yourself. They give you a chance to reflect, take care of yourself, and rest. If you are always on the move and do not give yourself the opportunity to relax, it can damage your self-image. It is important to practice self-love by pampering yourself. Allow yourself several hours of set time off each week to do the things you enjoy. This can be a cozy afternoon with your best friend in the café, a relaxed evening with your partner on the couch or just a sunny afternoon alone in the park. The main thing is that you enjoy your free time.

You should consciously just do things for yourself. How about if you treat yourself to a cozy evening just with yourself? You could cook something nice and watch a good movie. Try just as hard as you would if you were cooking for a good friend. Be a friend to yourself. Take care of yourself and don't neglect yourself. This is how you increase your self-love.

Tip: Improve self-love with hypnosis & auto-suggestions

You already have the key to greater self-confidence and, as a result, more self-love within you. Autogenic training, guided meditations, and auto-suggestions help you focus on your strengths and skills.

Together with a licensed psychotherapist, we have developed a professional audio hypnotherapy that trains you in a robust self-confidence and can thus have a lasting positive influence on many aspects of your life.

Strengthening self-confidence - hypnotherapy
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