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These are the 10 companies with the largest number of employees worldwide

10th place: Gazprom is the world's largest producer of natural gas and is definitely one of the largest companies in Russia. In 2015, the company employed 467,400 people and is 10th in the ranking. - Image: Gazprom

9th place: A total of 501,368 people worked at the Agricultural Bank of China in 2015. This puts the financial institution in 9th place in the ranking of the companies with the largest number of employees worldwide. The bank is partly run by the state of China and has its headquarters in Beijing. - Image: ABC

8th place: In 2015, the United States Postal Service employed 574,349 people, making it 8th. The United States' independent agency has a monopoly on certain postal services. The company is based in Washington. - Image: USPS

7th place: A German company took 7th place. The car manufacturer Volkswagen counted 626,715 employees across all plants worldwide in 2015. The 45th millionth car recently rolled off the assembly line at the Wolfsburg headquarters, as can be seen in the photo. - Image: Volkswagen

6th place: The Tata Group from India is described as a conglomerate. In 2015, a total of 695,699 people worked for the company worldwide, so that the group made it to 6th place in the ranking. The company 'Tata Steel' - steel production can be seen on the picture - is also part of the group. - Image: Tata

5th place: The Chinese company Sinopec had a total of 713,288 employees in 2015 and is therefore 5th in the ranking. The company operates in the oil and gas sector and also owns refineries. In a joint venture with BASF in Nanjing, Sinopec also produces the chemical neopentyl glycol, which is used, for example, as a raw material for fiberglass-reinforced plastics. - Image: Sinopec

4th place: With Foxconn, a Taiwanese company occupies 4th place in the ranking of the companies with the largest number of employees in the world. The technology company kept making headlines for not treating its employees well. Nevertheless, around 726,772 worked for the company in 2015. The picture shows the so-called 'Foxbot', a robot developed by Foxconn. - Image: Foxconn

3rd place: The bronze place was held by the Chinese company 'State Grid' with 926,027 employees in 2015. The energy company is headquartered in Beijing and is responsible for a large part of the Chinese power grid. The picture shows the official kick-off for the 'Central Tibet Grid Interconnection Project'. - Image: State Grid

2nd place: With 1,512,048 employees, 'China National Petroleum' takes silver in the ranking. The Chinese state-owned oil company had sales of $ 262.573 billion in 2016. - Image: China National Petroleum

1st place: Walmart wins the ranking of the companies with the largest number of employees in the world by a clear margin. In 2015, the retail trip employed 2,300,000 people worldwide. The company dominates the US food market, but has withdrawn from Germany. - Image: Walmart