Delayed Birth How old is too old

What can you do when a premature baby is announced?

After the baby is born, an ingredient called surfactant can help help the baby breathe. Immature lungs are “stiff” and have difficulty developing, which is necessary for easy inhalation and exhalation. Surfactant is a liquid that an unborn child normally produces in the lungs itself after around the 32nd week of pregnancy.

If a baby is born prematurely, it will be looked after and carefully monitored by a special team. A premature baby may need a lot of support so that it can breathe properly, stay warm and receive sufficient nutrients. Depending on how immature the child is, special intensive care treatment may be necessary.

The time until a prematurely born baby is out of danger is usually full of fears and worries for parents. Even if her baby has to be looked after by specialists, a mother can do something herself: For example, she can (perhaps with support) stimulate her milk production and express milk so that the baby can be fed with it as soon as it can tolerate breast milk.

In addition to worrying about the child, it is also important to take care of yourself in order to recover from the birth and to process the feelings and experiences associated with it. This also makes it easier to get involved in the care and care of the baby as much as possible.

By the time the premature baby is one month old, it will probably have reached the size it would have been in the corresponding month of pregnancy: for example, if the child was born after seven months of pregnancy, after one month it is about the same size as an unborn child after eight months of pregnancy. For a while, the baby will be even smaller and more immature than babies born on the calculated date. How well the child will do depends on many different factors. However, unless there are major problems, it is likely that a premature baby will be able to leave the hospital around the time it would have been born on time.