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E-mobility sensation: Kreisel Electric drives into the future with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The only two-year-old Mühlviertel company "Kreisel Electric" specializes in the development of e-mobility projects and, with its revolutionary battery systems, dwarfs everything that has come before - including Elon Musk and Tesla. As announced on Saturday after the 77th Hahnenkamm downhill run in Kitzbühel, Arnold Schwarzenegger will now carry the message of the Kreisel brothers to the USA.

The three brothers Markus, Philipp and Johann Kreisel are currently writing history. With their innovative electric battery systems, the Upper Austrians are starting a revolution that has forgotten all previous problems related to electromobility and began in a small garage in Freistadt. “After years of research, we have developed and optimized a new connection technology or a special laser welding process, as well as a new cooling process, so that we can make our batteries smaller and lighter with an increased safety aspect - with lower production costs. In addition, our battery systems have better ranges, a longer service life and are recharged more quickly, ”says Christian Schlögl happily. For example, the tinkerers at Kreisel have managed to increase the battery capacity from 24.2 to 55.7 kilowatt hours compared to the production model of the VW e-Golf - with the same installation space and weight. Thanks to the Kreisel battery, with which Kreisel Electric won more than 15 prizes in the last year alone, the range of the electric car has increased from 190 to 350 to 430 kilometers, depending on the driving style.

Christian Schlögl has been a member of the management team from the very beginning and, after successful collaborations with well-known automobile manufacturers, initiated the next big coup of the future-oriented company. “On a flight to California, I was lucky enough to be on a plane with Arnold Schwarzenegger and took the opportunity to present our company. The former governor of California is a strong advocate and promoter of renewable energies and electric mobility projects and was immediately interested in electrifying one of his vehicles, so I gave him my contact details, ”says Schlögl with shining eyes. Around a year later and as part of the 77th Hahnenkamm race on the Streif, Kreisel Electric officially presented a cooperation with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Stanglwirt, who as a new test driver will take a Mercedes G-Class electrified by Kreisel to the USA and thus the trend-setting Will carry the message to his adopted home. The car goes from zero to 100 in 5.6 seconds and has a range of up to 300 km per charge. In addition, with his wealth of experience, Schwarzenegger will contribute to the further development of the Kreisel technology, which represents a realistic alternative. “Of course he has an extensive network and will also support us with marketing activities,” explains the person responsible for strategy and corporate development.

By mid-2017, Kreisel Electric will grow from currently 50 employees to 100 to 150 employees. In the 2016 financial year, sales increased tenfold and a seven-digit profit was generated. "We are currently still in the garage where everything started and it is bursting at the seams," says Schlögl. The new company headquarters in Rainbach, which will be built architecturally in the form of the company logo, is therefore due to move into as early as May. In the future, machine production will take place at the new location. And based on the corporate culture of numerous Silicon Valley start-ups, there will also be a fitness area, a sauna and an outdoor pool. “We ask a lot of our employees and therefore they should be fine,” says Christian Schlögl, pointing out that applications are currently being accepted with pleasure. In addition to its core business with battery systems, Kreisel Electric also produces transmissions for e-vehicles, flexible power storage solutions for private and commercial applications as well as quick charging stations for e-vehicles, which will be available at a fraction of the cost of the Tesla Supercharger. “Our goal is to build Kreisel in the field of e-mobility as a reliable brand that users have great confidence in. And now things really get going, ”explains Schlögl.

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Photos: (c) Kreisel Electric GmbH / www.martinproell.com