What are some of the best documentaries

The 16 best Netflix documentaries you can stream right now

The best Netflix documentaries in 2021 at a glance - according to the GLAMOR editorial team

At Netflix Not only are there loads of good movies and series, too Documentaries there are plenty of them. Regardless of whether Documentary series or film: These are the best Netflix documentariesthat one 2021 must have seen - Youtube trailer included.

Netflix Docs: "The Social Dilemma"

Sonja Rojacz, Social Media Editor

"In the Netflix documentary 'The Social Media Dilemma' From the year 2020, former high-ranking employees talk about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Co.what a worrying impact Social media can have on our lives. The experts point out that everything we search, read, buy, like, link, see, hear, etc. online is saved. What privacy As far as concerns, one sentence is remembered: 'If you don't pay for the product, you are the product.' Using various examples, an awareness is created that behind every platform there is a team of engineers whose task it is to use our psychology against us. The documentation impressively draws attention to how social media influence our real life. She shows how our way of thinking is controlled by algorithms and artificial intelligence and cites the news in the media about the US presidential election in 2016 as an example. The perspective of the experts, who once held management positions in the world's largest social networks, is particularly exciting: some say they have become addicted, others report that they underestimated the dangers of Facebook, Twitter & Co. - and not just what Privacy concerns. They also point to the real problem that generations feel valued by virtual likes or thumbs, but in real life they are more insecure and lonely than ever before. 'The Social Media Dilemma' is recommended for anyone who uses social media in some way. It stimulates reflection and reflection on one's own behavior and throws a critical light on our favorite online networks. "

Netflix Documentaries: "Miss Americana"

Melanie Paukner, Beauty Editor

"From country girl to pop icon - Taylor Swift made it. In the media, however, it is often their private life and political views that cause a lot of hustle and bustle. The documentary film 'Miss Americana' shows the singer as approachable as never before and provides insights into her life. As a viewer, you see their careers and their development from a completely new perspective - your own. From the 'nice girl' who keeps her opinion to herself to the strong woman who has found her voice and shares her views with the world. But above all, she has also developed into a woman who stands up for herself. For fans (like me) the documentary is an absolute must. But I would also recommend her to anyone who wants to form their own picture of the singer and who wants to find out more about her as a person. "

Netflix Tips: "Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened"

Elisabeth Krainer, former Lifestyle Editor

"A lot can go wrong in life, we've all had to deal with the feeling of failure. But nobody failed like the creators of the Fyre Festival, which was supposed to take place in 2017. The idea behind it: That Fyre Festival should be the most exclusive, dreamiest, most luxurious party in the world. The advertising campaign promised a lot: international top models lounging on jet skis, a lonely island, white sandy beaches, endless champagne and a heavy line-up. The visitors had forked out up to 12,000 US dollars per ticket for this. And then the biggest fail in festival history followed. The Netflix documentary 'Fyre' (2019) shows step by step how the idea could fail so grandly, how incredibly ignorant and sometimes negligent the makers acted and how one thing led to another. The documentary is the perfect distraction when things don't go quite smoothly for me again: Then I can at least rest on the fact that I screwed it up, but certainly not to the extent that the guys from Fyre Festival did. Zack, glass half full again! "

The best Netflix documentaries: "Big Cats and Their Predators" ("Tiger King")

Luna Walther, fashion editor

"The makers of the 'Fyre' documentary (oh yes!) Accompany big cat breeders from the USA through their crazy parallel worlds in this series. The story: Joe Exotic, who publishes videos of himself and his animals every day and plays with his tigers as if they were pets (which doesn't always turn out mildly), draws the anger away Carole Baskin, the owner of Big Cat Rescue, a "haven" for exotic cats in Tampa, Florida. Baskin rescues big cats from circuses and zoos, is an activist and does anything to ruin the business for Joe and his colleagues. The eccentric Joe Exotic, in turn, reciprocates by threatening, berating and discrediting her almost every day in his videos until he actually pays a killer to kill her. Now one of Joe's ex-colleagues, Jeff Lowe, who is also not quite clean, has dropped a video message that Netflix is ​​going to step up and film a bonus episode about the big cat war because of its international success. Sounds like a crazy feature film, but it is Documentary series - worth seeing!"

Netflix Recommendations: "What the Health"

Sarah Thiele, Senior Editor Love, Sex & Mental Health

"Eat healthy and stay healthy, this has been the top priority for most people since Covid-19. But what if they Foodthat we consume daily contribute to us and ours environment to make you sick? The Netflix Documentation 'What the Health', which was co-produced by actor Joaquin Phoenix, shows the corruption of leading health organizations and the US government, which is lubricated and silenced by money from the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Although the documentary is mostly limited to North America, many parallels can be drawn with German (and global) menus, health problems and beliefs about nutrition. In one and a half hours, doctors, nutrition experts and those who suffered explain the connections between the steak on our plate, the climate catastrophe and diseases such as asthma, cancer, heart attacks - or even pandemics. My entire family has already seen the documentary and now looks at the food they have consumed in a different way. The Netflix documentary is a must-see for everyone who wants to think outside the box because of the coronavirus. "

Documentation tip: "The Story of Diana"

Isabel Möller, text intern

"Not only for Royal fans: The two-part documentary 'The Story of Diana' is not for the faint of heart, that much should be said. Because even if you haven't had many points of contact with Lady Di, the detailed descriptions of her tragic life are ready to go Many long-time companions, such as Diana's brother, Elizabeth and David Emanuel (the designers of her legendary wedding dress), her butler and even her cook have their say and paint the image of a woman who is loved by everyone and showered with attention in hers painful moments but was always left alone. "

Netflix documentary series: "The Movies That Made Us"

Tanja Fox, Head of Editorial

"I tend to have a somewhat annoying habit of waiting for useless knowledge in conversations. And that Series 'The Movies That Made Us' quenches my thirst for pop culture information immensely. For example, did you know that Eddie Murphy and not Bill Murray was supposed to be in 'Ghostbusters' and that 'Kevin Home Alone' was actually a converted gym and only the facade was filmed in a small town near Chicago ? The first season unfortunately only has four episodes, but with 'Ghostbusters', 'Kevin - Alone at Home', 'Die Hard' and 'Dirty Dancing', the cult films par excellence are made by the actors, the directors and many who go to the Filming was involved, discussed myself. "

Netflix Tip: "The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann"

Larissa Weiss, Lifestyle Editor

"What about Maddie McCann happens? This is the question that this eight episode Netflix documentary series deals with. In 2007, three-year-old Maddie disappeared from her hotel room in the Portuguese Algarve while her parents and friends were having dinner in the resort's own restaurant, which was just a few meters from the rooms. Was Maddie kidnapped? If so: how, by whom and why? Or did the parents of the British girl have something to do with her disappearance? The Maddie McCann case remains unresolved to this day and is one of the greatest kidnapping mysteries of the 21st century. If you are into True Crime and also like to play a bit of detective yourself, you will get this Netflix documentary series liked."

Netflix documentary film: "The Mask You Live In"

Miriam Müller, digital expert

"Men always have to be tough, never cry and develop into sports enthusiasts: that is often still the common saying Gender stereotype. But how do these behavioral patterns come about, who trains boys to be men according to these principles and why is that so? Which does ______________ mean Masculinity in 2021 - Is it really still defined by the key points mentioned at the beginning? The Netflix documentary 'The Mask You Live In' is dedicated to the 'masculinity crisis', albeit in the USA. You can see how a father wants to "beat" his son into a sports star, but the son doesn't feel like doing it at all, and witnesses sons whose parents divorced, but who are supposed to show no feelings or pain in a very masculine way. It hurts to look at it alone - but it's important to understand how a healthier generation of men can grow up. The same thing in green is also available for girls and women: "Miss Representation" is about why women in our society always have to be pretty and 'fuckable'. "

The best Netflix documentaries: "The Earth at Night" ("Night on Earth")

Eduard Maier, lead graphic designer

"I am in love Nature documentaries. That's where I can relax best and just let myself go. In addition, they show a glimpse of our world that is otherwise very rarely available. Now there is a documentary on Netflix that has a daring approach: 'The Earth at Night'. I was still thinking to myself: Can this be something? Won't you just see gray images with spongy thermal imaging cameras? No! It was and is - yes, you can watch it several times - a visual feast. These wonderful, surprising images captivate you again and again. Especially for me, who comes from the optical field, it is a revelation what happens to the 4k technology is conjured up here. It is an almost unreal dream world that you can immerse yourself in here and lose yourself. A very clear recommendation to clear your head and think back to how beautiful our earth actually is. "

Netflix documentary film: "One of Us"

Ursula Schmied, Series & Entertainment Editor

"In 'One of Us' three people talk about theirs Leaving her Jewish-Hasidic religious community and the associated challenges. The documentation is tough stuff: the protagonists Ari, Luzer and Etty tell of the problems they had after they left their religion. Ari fights against drug abuse and tries to find his way in our modern, completely alien world. Lucer is rejected by his parents and changes his entire environment by moving from New York to Los Angeles. And finally Etty, who wants to withdraw custody of their children after the Hasidic community has turned away from the faith. It shows the lives of three young people who question their ultra-orthodox faith and are rejected by their congregation and family for it. 'One of Us' offers an insight into a parallel society that one would never suspect in Brooklyn. If you like the documentary, we also recommend the Netflix series 'Unorthodox': This tells the story of Esther, who also leaves the Hasidic community in Brooklyn. The four episodes are based on a true story. "

The best streaming tips: "Through the Wall" ("The Dawn Wall")

Ursula Schmied, Series & Entertainment Editor

"Who on spectacular nature shots and there is an even more spectacular story, you should definitely check out 'The Dawn Wall'. In the Netflix documentary, the professional climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson talk about an impossible project: climbing an almost invincible, smooth wall, the 'Dawn Wall' on the granite rock El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. The route has never been climbed before, and the climbing duo spent six years preparing for the undertaking. Finally, you see the two of them, mostly at night, climbing, losing their grip, falling into the rope, starting all over again and climbing up the smooth wall, on which the first sunlight of the day shines, for 19 days. The athletic ability and the iron will of the two is admirable. You cheer for them when one of them slips at a particularly difficult point for the umpteenth time with already bloody fingertips and wants to give up - and is cheered on by his climbing partner at the other end of the rope. Tommy Caldwell, mastermind behind the climbing tour and at home in the vertical since childhood, speaks openly about his past, strokes of fate, injuries, doubts, the loneliness on the rock and the strength that climbing gives him. People look at the rock faces on El Capitan small and insignificant. What Caldwell and Jorgeson have achieved there is greater than the highest mountain: a manifesto for perseverance, for motivation, for overcoming yourself - and for fresh coffee in the first morning sun. "

"Ted Bundy: Self-Portrait of a Serial Killer" ("The Ted Bundy Tapes")

Alexandra Schöb, Senior Fashion Editor

"30 years ago serial killer Theodore Robert Bundy - called Ted - was executed in Florida. Reason enough for Netflix to take a closer look at the bizarre story of its series of murders of at least 30 young women in the USA in the 1970s and to make a documentary about it in 2019. Because until today it has not been possible to fully clarify what actually happened back then. In the form of the 'Ted Bundy Tapes', previously unpublished sound recordings by Bundy, should shed new light on the psyche of the murderer and his motives in the series. In the end, he denied the crime until shortly before his execution. Although I am a big one True crime fan I was initially worried that the documentary series would be disturbing and sensational and that Ted Bundy, THE serial killer of all time, would be hyped as a kind of 'bad pop star'. Neither is the case, on the contrary: through interviews with contemporary witnesses - police officers, journalists, victims - Bundy's statements are repeatedly classified and contradicted. Over time, this creates the impression of an extremely narcissistic person with a very sick mind. Also exciting: The police work in the 70s, whose officers still had to get by without the Internet and genetic tests - and Ted Bundy still found out about it at some point. "

Netflix documentary series: "The Defiant Ones"

Bettina Hollweg, Commercial Content Strategist

"Misogynist lyrics, ostentatious luxury cars and lots of sex and crime: Hardly any other music scene associates so many negative things as with Hip-hop and rap. The Netflix documentary series 'The Defiant Ones' However, does away with the typical hip-hop clichés and shows exciting insights into a fascinating world, which you then see with different eyes. Indeed, success is not inherited by very few artists and producers, but only achieved through a lot of hard work paired with a large portion of a feeling for trends. My friend and I created the four-episode documentary about rapper Dr. Dre and Interscope Records founder Jimmy Iovine, because it makes it clear how unprecedented the collaboration between the two music moguls was and which artists grew up with the help of the two - a Netflix documentary that music fans are guaranteed to remember. "

Streaming tip: "Beautiful world" ("Tales by Light")

Anna Bader, Beauty Editor

"The series 'Beautiful world' is one of the best Netflix documentaries in my opinion. In this documentary, travel and landscape photographers are accompanied to the most remote places in the world - there is often a lot of work behind the perfect photo and, above all, a very interesting story. For example, endangered animal species, environmental problems or doomed cultures are brought into focus.The Netflix documentary is really very exciting - especially for someone like me who likes to deal with the topic Travel, photography and also sustainability employed."

Netflix documentary: "Heal" ("Heal - Change your mind. Change your body. Change your life.")

Claudia Herold, former Visuals Editor

"The Netflix Documentation 'Heal' deals - as the name suggests - with the topic of healing. More precisely, it is about healing with the power of thoughts and emotions. Scientists and Spiritual Teachers like Anthony William, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Marianne Williamson report on their experiences and connections between body and psyche in relation to our health. The Netflix film shows three people on their way to healing and what influence the right thoughts have on their recovery process. This Netflix documentary makes us think about our self-healing powers and encourages us to question our current knowledge (or rather ignorance) about diseases and their treatment in our healthcare system. "